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Serious health and life changes, call for a serious name change to this blog. In the past I tried to research my blog name, so it wouldn't be a duplicate blog name that someone else might have. I won't be researching it this time around, so the name is subject to change without notice. Life is kind of like that.

The hand made toys, Mini-Me Jan, and Rolly the Octopus are also something I have a passion for. Making hand made items, especially toys.

Thank you if you're sharing this journey of written blog words, and various assorted written musings, with me by reading my blog now.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blog Interupted

I didn't see the movie Girl Interupted, so I don't know if that can compare at all to my Blog being interupted the way it has been. But with cancer illness, hospitalizations, needing to stay in a rehab nursing home type facility for a few weeks, doctors appointments, overnight stays in the hospital for chemo treatments, sometimes needing to sleep for 12 hours at a time, I guess it's no big surprise that my blog is feeling quite neglected and ignored.

Maybe I should just start all over again. Nah. It'll take me too long to figure out how to set it all up again. So now that I probably have no readers whatsoever well here I am again. So if you want to learn how NOT to build a successful money making blog, try reading this one! :-)

Two months later, I'm finally getting back to putting a blog post up. I've missed my blog! Hope I can remember everything else that goes with it. Still it's nice to know my blog is calmly sitting here waiting for me, when I do get back to it. My blog is far more patient than I am! Well hopefully I can build up my reader relationship, if I had any readers to begin with by starting all over again. Who knows what I'll be blogging about this time around.

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