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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Internet Marketing: A Beginner's Perspective

In my continuing new journey in Internet Marketing, here’s some other things I’ve learned so far.


Many of the classified ad sites were free to join. Some I only had to register with in order to frequent their web site. Others I could place an ad without registering there first. This would be good if I wasn’t going to be placing too many ads too often, but that seemed to defeat the purpose of trying to promote things frequently.
I got very excited when I received a few email responses to my earnestly written ads. The subject lines said things like “I saw your ad!” or “Question about your product?” Well of course I immediately had to read and respond to those emails, thinking I might soon be making my very first sale.
Only to find out, those emails were from other affiliate marketers, once again promoting something to me. They knew I wouldn’t hesitate to open those emails, with those misleading subject lines. They weren’t at all interested in what I was trying to promote.
It’s not nice to get a newbie’s hopes up like that! Especially when the bill collectors are rapidly gaining on me.
One classified ad site seemed quite extensive. It must have been recommended to me, from one of those links I must have clicked on, from one of those emails I must have read, that I must have gotten from one of those members of that safe list I had joined. This could be the beginning of the Affiliate Marketing House that Jan is trying to build.
This classified ad site had a number of services available for both their free members and their paying members. Some of these services included an email account, a traffic exchange, the ability to start a blog or web site, from that Classified ad Site, or the option of becoming an affiliate member there.
This wasn’t just about placing some classified ads somewhere, but this was much bigger than that. This was a community where I could learn from others, and share my new and growing knowledge and experiences with many of them.
I’d recommend you take a look at this Classified Ad and Community Site.

Shortly after I signed up there I quickly received over 40 requests to become “friends” with other members there. I’ve never made so many friends, so quickly in all of my life. That sure didn’t happen for me in high school! At last I had finally achieved that lifelong dream, of quickly becoming “popular” with many other people, and I didn’t even have to make much effort at achieving that popularity. I agreed to join that Classified Ad Site, and shortly after that, I had over 40 people requesting to be my new online "friend".
It kind of reminded me of campgrounds, with many Recreational Vehicles, (RV’s) parked in that one location, one right after the other. Campers are usually friendly people, as many of these people seemed to be from this site that not only allowed you to place your classified ads there, but had a large supportive community as well.
So what, if many of the other campers parked at that site, had air conditioning, satellite tv, and screened in porches on their RV’s. While I only had an icebox, no fridge, a portable radio, no tv and a fly swatter with my camper, and no screened in porch.
I mean… so what if many of them had already sold 100’s of items, had years of experience in Internet Marketing and were now enjoying early retirement at their luxurious beach homes, while I hadn’t yet sold one item. They still were requesting my friendship. I was honored. I was grateful to accept those offers of friendship from so many people, who didn’t know me at all.
Never mind, that a good majority of the people were once again promoting something to me, in the requests they were sending to me to be my “friend.” What else should I have expected from a campground, …I mean a web site that is a community based classified ad site, of other affiliate marketers and web site owners. I could smell the hamburgers cooking on the barbecues. I could hear the beer caps flying off of the bottles. I couldn’t wait to join them at the campfire my first night there.
Of course the Internet deffinition of a “friend” is rather odd to me to say the least. I found myself wishing that there were other labels available I could’ve chosen, depending how it fit each individual. Such as “total stranger”, “major player”, “super salesperson”, “practical joker”, “evil twin”, “outright enemy”. At least I could have classified the individuals better, until some of them actually became my new online “friend”.
I’m glad to have found this site. I hope I’ll learn more there about Affiliate Marketing there. I hope that I actually will become good online friends with some of the people residing at this RV park… I mean that Classified Ad and Community Site that I joined.
I believe deep within me, it is possible to make money by typing from my home computer. I’m willing to spend the time, learning and reading more about it.
But I couldn’t be expected to learn it all at once could I? I couldn’t realistically expect I’d quickly see those large promised amounts of money rolling in for me, as much as I wanted that kind of instant gratification.
After all I was new at all of this.

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