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Monday, January 14, 2008

Mozilla Firefox

I put off downloading Mozilla Firefox, for some time. Often after I’ve downloaded something, some of my other computer programs seem to go haywire. I didn’t want that to happen to me again.

Finally, I decided I’d give Firefox a try. Within two days of my downloading and using it, I wanted to give it a five star review. But I thought that might come across like I was lavishing false praise on it after using it for such a short amount of time. Then I got sidetracked. The Internet often has that effect on me.

Now that I have been using it for about a week or two, I can’t help but tell you how much I really like using this innovative Internet Browser. I’m one of those people, who likes to have many computer windows open all at the same time.Sometimes I’ve gotten a message that says, I’ve reached the limit of how many windows I can have open all at once. Even computers reach their limits I guess!

I figured I was multi-tasking, by having so many windows opened all at the same time. I’m still on a slow dial up connection. So while one program was getting opened, why not have the others that I wanted to look at, get themselves started in that procedure?

The problem I often had in doing that was that when they were all minimized, I couldn’t distinguish one open minimized window from the others. Then I had to go about restoring many of them, so I could find the one I actually wanted to look at right then. In addition to that, sometimes, my browser not only moved at a crawl, but it would come to a full blown stop.

I couldn't scroll through any screens. Clicking on my mouse keys many times, didn’t get anything moving for me either. Everything just came to a standstill. All I could do was sit and wait, until one of my many windows finally got opened enough so I could look at it.

I have a hard time just waiting, sitting there doing nothing! So, of course I used my time wisely, improving my skills at playing a game of cards, like Spider Solitaire or Free Cell, while I was waiting for those breezes to blow on me, from the many windows I wanted to open.

Sometimes I got a message that AOL was no longer responding to me. It was as if I had given AOL a major headache, by wanting it to open those windows all at the same time. So AOL got even with me, and said, that’s it! I’ve had it! I won’t open one more window for you now. I won’t even keep on opening the windows you already requested that I open. So there!

Then AOL would decide it needed to take a break and go lie down for a while, because of the excess strain I must have put on it. It just disappeared, since it was no longer responding to me at all. I guess AOL has its limits too of how much it will take from me.

With Mozilla Firefox, I can open things up in several windows. Within those open windows I can then open up several related links in different tabs.

Say I’m looking at a site about different cities I want to travel to on vacation. Then I can open up some tabs as to what hotels or airfare might cost to that specific location. I can then open up another window for my second choice of locations, and then open tabs that relate to that second destination. I can then open up a third window with its related tabs about what the predictions will be for the weather next week, where I live. Then I can more effectively dream about that nice warm sandy beach I want to be lying on, when that snow and cold arrives here.

Everything stays better organized with Mozilla Firefox. Being able to open tabs within the windows, lets me easily click on links that relate to the main topic. I don’t have to figure out where they’re now located when I’ve minimized them at the bottom of my screen.

Mozilla Firefox, lets me rearrange my bookmarks in whatever order I want them to be. It asks me if it should remember my passwords for me. How can I say no to that polite and helpful request? My brain is already overcrowded as it is. My memory isn’t that great to begin with. Much better, that Mozilla Firefox remembers my many different passwords for me, so that I don’t have to.

As I looked more at the website, I found myself liking Mozilla Firefox, even more. It was developed by a grassroots community. A diverse group of people from all walks of life, from different parts of the world, who are devoted to enriching people’s lives by preserving choice and innovation on the Internet!

This is a not-for-profit organization, unlike many other things on the Internet that are only motivated by profits, or shareholder value.

They built Firefox to keep people safe online. If a critical bug is discovered, they make it public knowledge, so it can be fixed as soon as possible. Because it’s an open source, they have an entire community of users, from around the world, constantly, working, improving and updating, Mozilla Firefox to make your web browsing a safer experience.

You can customize it for yourself, because the people who developed it don’t subscribe to the viewpoint, that one size fits all. It has spell check, and search suggestions. You can view your live RSS web feeds for current news, your favorite blogs, or to keep an eye on your auctions!

It has a lot of features I haven’t yet learned how to use. The only thing I now regret, is that I didn’t download Mozilla Firefox much sooner.

Firefox 2

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