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The hand made toys, Mini-Me Jan, and Rolly the Octopus are also something I have a passion for. Making hand made items, especially toys.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Hand Made Toys

While this Blog is titled The Affable Affiliate, it's time I diverted off of the main road for a bit. Since The Affable Affiliate is located at Jan's Promo Place. That means I can promote all kinds of things. I think it leaves my niche wide open. I think I can promote whatever I want to promote, and furthermore I intend to do just that.

So I guess in a way I'm promoting me right now. That's right! You read that correctly. I'm engaging in a form of shameless self promotion. Do I hear your surprised intake of breath? Ok you can exhale now.

As you can see from some of the titles of my submitted articles, some of them have to do with the yarn crafts of knitting, crocheting and the Knifty Knitter, so this post is about that particular topic. And since I've already listed articles I've written in that area, I don't think I'm drifting too far off topic.

Or else I'm justifying for myself, the occasional need I have to impulsively travel down some unknown side road. I used to like doing that while driving my car, before the price of gas became so high, so why shouldn't I do it with my blog from time to time?

I'm slowly but surely getting into the 21st Century. I developed pictures in August, 2007. I even had them put on a CD. Well yesterday I finally got around to uploading those pictures from the CD's I got in August of 2007. I sure don't want to rush into these things. Procrastinators of the World Unite.

It was a lot easier then I thought it would be. Then I enjoyed watching the screenshow of my pictures. And of course I got into cropping the pictures, and seeing what all the different effects would do.

Well one of the CD's included pictures of the different stuffed animals, I had hand made. From there I advanced to a group on Yahoo, that I had joined some time ago, but hadn't actively participated in. This group is called Joyful Toys. It's a group of people who make toys by way of knitting, crocheting or using the Knifty Knitter, which is a set of 4 circular knitting looms. I enjoy making all kinds of hand made items. But I think making toys and stuffed animals are my favorite items to make. Those critters come to life for me, once they're all put together and I put the faces on them.

I'm proud to say I got the pictures of my stuffed creations uploaded to a photo album in that group. I've been wanting to do that for a long time. I've often lurked and looked at the cute creations other people had made, but I had never posted any of my own.

I have another printer with scanning capabilities, but it's currently not connected to my hard drive. It also seemed more complicated, and required more reading then I often felt like doing, on that particular topic.

But with a CD, I open up the tray, put the CD in the slot, close the tray, and within a few minutes my pictures were appearing on my computer screen. How cool is that? How simple, how quick, how incredibly easy. Sometimes I just love modern technology, when things go as smoothly as loading those pictures did.

Considering I have a whole gang of computer gremlins that reside in my computer, and delight in making my computer life more difficult, those pictures appearing that easily was like a breath of fresh air to me. Maybe all the computer gremlins were napping at the time. Or could it be they've finally vacated my computer to go mess with someone else for a change? You don't know how many times I've heard those computer gremlins laughing at me in the background at all the mischief they so delight in creating for me.

Right now my computer starts up with immediately wanting to search for something. It didn't do that before. So far I haven't found a way to stop that search from appearing when I start my computer, but fortunately I can click out of the two search boxes that now appear at start-up. I believe my computer gremlins are responsible for making that search request appear so suddenly on my computer. It couldn't be something I must have clicked on, that I don't remember doing, and now I can't find it, since I can't remember what I may have done, so I can change it back to how it was before. So I can only conclude it's because of the computer gremlins that reside in my computer.

I'm grateful that my computer gremlins, gave me a break when it came to getting those pictures on my computer. I enjoy looking at the many stuffed animals I've made. They seem happy that at last they can now be visible to the world.

So this post might not have anything to do, with Affiliate Marketing. It won't tell you how to earn money, it won't give you a free ebook to download and read, it won't point you in the direction of a dozen different web sites or products I'm recommending. It isn't even about the things I find difficult or confusing about Affiliate Marketing.

I'm proud of the stuffed animals I've made. I'm proud of myself for actually getting their pictures on the computer and then into a photo album from Yahoo's Joyful Toys Group at last. I'm delighted that maybe others might look at the pictures of my hand made critters from time to time.

So if you have kids, or if you're a kid at heart, who likes keeping that kid alive within you, then maybe you'll go take a look at my pictures. I'm not sure how it works, if you have to join Yahoo in order to see them.

Looking at the pictures of my stuffed animals, won't earn you more money. It won't get your more downline referrals, it won't be a about a product you need to know more about.

Buy maybe it will awaken the little kid in you. Maybe those pictures will help you forget your troubles for awhile. Maybe my pictures of my cute and cuddly hand made stuffed animals will put a smile on your face and fill you with as much delight as I get from making them.

But you'll never know if you'll get that warm and fuzzy feeling, unless you take a look at them.


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