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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Internet Marketing: A Beginners Perspective

There’s a lot of areas regarding Internet Affiliate Marketing, that I still don’t know much about. Some of it I find rather confusing.


It’s been recommended that I submit some of my written articles to different Article Publishers. Many people have indicated that I can earn money by doing this, but I don’t understand exactly how that works.

I admit that I have a hard time, wrapping my mind around the concept that I’m supposed to allow my writing to be published for free. Apparently if I submit my articles to as many publishers as possible, that will help to increase my by-name recognition. I don’t understand how submitting my articles to multiple publications for free, will later lead to my earning money, either through the writing of my blog or from those published articles.

My blog is new. So far I’m promoting other people’s products or web sites. I don’t have any products of my own to promote, except for my writing ability. I don’t yet have products I can resell, or give away to anyone who might be reading my blog.

I feel like I’m missing something here. How does it go from point A, submitting my articles for free publication, to point B, earning money in the future, from those articles? People say you can earn money by doing this, but nobody explains the details of how that actually happens. I’m one of those people who needs to know the details.

Other people hold a different viewpoint about submitting your articles to as many publishers as possible.

"So what does that mean for that article you wrote and submitted to 50,000 publishers… It means that it did just that – it was submitted to 50,000 publishers. You do not know who it was submitted to, whether they are a respected website, whether they actually have any reasonable amount of traffic, or even if they will publish your article without your permission. You have no
control over what happens to your article."
Mark Daoust, goes on to say that this is not what publishers want from the writers who are submitting to them. He indicated that it’s not in the writer’s best self interest as well.

“The idea of submitting an article to as many publishers as possible is obviously contrary to what a publisher is looking for. At the same time, though, it is also contrary to what you should be looking for. The secret to writing successful articles starts with a simple concept: you want to control who publishes your article, and you want to help promote that article. If an editor chooses to publish an article and sees that it was well-received (and brought in a lot of new traffic), they will be more inclined to publish future articles from you…A properly written, distributed, and promoted article can be far more effective than any other form of marketing, and far more cost effective.”
A web site owner might need content for their web site, but he or she, might not want content that’s already been circulated widely over the Internet. A publisher would prefer that one specific article from a writer, is not being submitted and published by many other publishers.
As a writer, I’ve put in time and effort writing that article, to be as well-written as I can make it. That not only includes the writing itself, but proofreading, editing, and revising my article, before I submit it anywhere. I may have needed to research my topic, before I even put my fingers on the keyboard.

These days, with so many people blogging and writing, it certainly seems there’s much more writing competition for all of us to contend with.

My article might be viewed by some people, as nothing more then a long written ad, for something I’m promoting. Many Article Publishing sites don’t allow the writers’ to place direct links to the items we’re promoting, within the body of the article itself. The writers are allowed to include a link to our blogs or web sites, within the Author’s Resource box at that publication site.

But I feel I’m making my potential customers take extra unnecessary steps. First they hopefully read my article about whatever it is I’m promoting. Then they’re supposed to travel back to my blog. Once they get there, they need to find the link to the product I’m promoting as mentioned in my article. Then when they click on that link, they’ll finally be getting their first look at what I’ve been trying to promote to them all along.

It seems like I’ve sending my potential customers on a long scenic route, with a few extra detours thrown into their Internet Highway travels. If they get lost or it’s dark out by the time they arrive at whatever it is I’m promoting, they’re probably going to expect that I’ll be putting them up for a night or two and that I’ll be feeding them as well.

I've found reading what more experienced Affiliate Marketers recommend to be quite helpful. I just want it to make sense to me. So far submitting my Articles to a large amount of publications for free, doesn’t seem logical to me, but I'm willing to give it a try. Maybe someday I’ll have discovered all the missing pieces I now have with this Article Submission writing puzzle.
But for now, I’m new at all of this.

Source: “The Misunderstood Marketing Method” By Mark Daoust, from

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