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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Internet Marketing: A Beginner's Perspective

My new journey into things I’ve learned so far about Affiliate Marketing continues.


Some sources said it was necessary, that I have my own web site, while other things I read said it wasn’t a requirement. No wonder I’m confused. At first, I thought I wouldn’t really need my own web site, as I was promoting other people’s products.

Starting my own web site intimidated me. I knew it would take time to get it set up, with the colors, fonts, style, and placement of things the way I wanted it to be. I could see myself easily getting bogged down with all those details. And after doing all that, it might not work right, since my knowledge about html and the other high tech stuff is rather limited.

I soon realized that I had no central location, where that mass of internet humanity would be flocking to my web site, just to see what I would be promoting next, or what I might even be ranting and raving about from time to time. I decided to start a blog, which did take time for me to set up, but I’m now glad I have one.

The only thing is, now that I have my brand new blog, I don’t think I’m getting much traffic, if any. My blog must have been placed on some rural road somewhere. No one told me, I wouldn’t be able to pick the location for my blog. I thought I’d just be able to direct the blog movers, to what I thought would be a good location for my brand new blog, on that vast extensive Internet Highway. I sure didn’t expect that my Blog would be placed in the middle of nowhere.

So what’s my next move? Am I supposed to stand in the middle of the road, trying to flag down whatever few cars might pass by, so that maybe somebody, anybody, might stop, take a look at my blog, and buy a product from me that I’m promoting there? Is begging an option?

In addition, I don’t yet have any items I’m directly trying to sell myself, except for those potential hand made affiliate cloaks I’m thinking about knitting or crocheting. As an affiliate marketer, I’m promoting other people’s products, and not any of my own.

So if anyone visits my blog, and clicks on my ads, at best they might go visit, a program I’m affiliated with. Even if they sign up under my cloaked referral affiliate links, they might just sign up for the free versions of the programs like I did, and I still won’t earn any money by them doing that.

As a writer, I’m glad I now have a blog. Especially since there are few restrictions about what I can blog about or how long or short my blog posts are supposed to be. In school, I had to write my essays about the topic the Teachers assigned me. At an online writing site, where my writing first went public, I had to get my writing to within their suggested guidelines for both a minimum and maximum word length to my articles.

Now having my own Blog, I can blog about whatever comes to mind. It feels freeing and empowering to be able to do that.

Then there are the recommendations that you’re supposed to write to a specific “niche”. With all the time I've already spent setting up my very first brand new blog, not much writing will ever get done that way. I guess you can expect that I will probably divert off that specific “niche” topic I’m writing about, from time to time.

As a driver of my car, I often enjoyed going off on some unexplored side road, just to see where that road would take me. Why should blogging on the Internet Highway, be all that different from those spontaneous side trips, I used to enjoy taking in my car?

Since my web site link is currently about promoting things, that leaves my “niche” topic
wide-open doesn‘t it? I could promote my two cats, deep-dish pizza, the weather, even myself from time to time. This is Jan’s Promo Place, after all.

Maybe I’ll need to get more specific? Maybe I’ll need to narrow it down more, as to what my specific blog “niche” will actually be? Well I kind of like having my particular “niche” be wide open and spacious, like the rural country road, my blog seems to be currently residing on. I like being able to promote whatever it is I want to promote.

Right now, it seems to be working well for me, but as I’ve mentioned to you before, I’m new at all of this.

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