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Monday, January 14, 2008

The Story of A King, with a Kind and Giving Heart

Sometime back, Cole my male cat was meowing quite insistently at my back door. Cole is an all black cat, with incredible green eyes. He seems to think this should carry some extra weight with me, and that he should have more advantages then my smaller female cat Skitzy does, who has lived here longer.

Now it’s possible since he was previously an outdoor cat, before he came to live with me, that he had this sudden desire to go outside to romp, and play once again. But it was cold and snowing out there! And whether he likes it or not, as long as he’s living with me, he is now an indoor cat. I wasn’t about to put on my coat, hat and gloves to chase after him, by letting him go outside. Nor was I about to be consider the possibility of my having to call the fire department. That wasn't going to be an option, if I had let him out, and then he decided to get himself comfortable on some high up unreachable branch of a tree.

But he was quite insistent with all his meowing. Cole is one of those cats who talks quite a bit. I haven’t yet figured out what all his Cat Speak language is supposed to mean. I can only hope we’ve established some sort of communication where at times we have some understanding of each other.

Then he started in on me, with that pitiful cry. If you’re a cat lover, or even an animal lover, you know what I’m talking about. That pitiful cry is that meow that pulls at your heart. It’s the one that’s hard to resist, and frequently I agree to whatever it is Cole wants when he uses that pitiful meow on me.

It’s definitely not the same meow that says he’s hungry, even though he’s already doubled my cat food chow bill. He’s put on a few pounds, since he's lived here, so needless to say he’s definitely not starving around here. It’s not the cry that says “Hey Person, who is supposed to love and care about me. It’s about my Litter box! Get with it will you already!” It’s not even the meow that plaintively asks, “When are you going to get off of that darn computer and pet me and play with me?”

No this meow was much more insistent. I picked him up, and cautiously opened the inner back door to see if there was something going on onside. Then I heard it. Outside on that cold snowy night was another cat nearby also giving forth with it’s own version of that pitiful and plaintive cry.

While it’s certainly possible Cole, who is neutered, just wanted to go out and chase down that other feline, who was invading his territory. Perhaps he needed to prove once again, that he is indeed the Reigning King Cat of our block. And that he would not look kindly on any other cat invading the territory of his distinguished Cat Kingdom, no matter what the weather might be like outside.

But more I got the feeling that he was saying to me, “Aren’t you going to do something about this? Aren’t you going to let that other cat in from the snow and cold, so it can get warmed up?”

I felt like his pitiful meows were saying “I was once an outdoor cat too! I know what it’s like to have to fend for myself in the cold, and snow, or to have to seek shelter from the rain. I know what it’s like to have to find creative ways to find food for myself, living with the harsh realities of that cold outside world. I’ve been there, remember? I had to do it myself not too long ago before I adopted you, as the person being most suitable for caring for me on the inside.”

His heart wrenching meows had taken on an intensity all their own. Now I was hearing a harmonious duet of pitiful cries from both him, and that cat that found itself outside on that cold and snowy night.

What does any of this have to do with affiliate marketing? Well, sometimes you just have to say NO!

No, Cole, I can’t afford to take on the care and feeding of a third cat right now. No, I can’t read another email, look at another web site, or click on another link right now. No, Cole, you don’t get along with Skitzy that well now. So why would either one of us believe you’ll easily get along with a third cat?

No, I can’t afford to buy your recommended affiliate program for $197.00, $97.00 or even that one, that is “reduced for a limited time” to only $47.00. Yes I know if I don’t pay my $47.00 to you, right this instant, I’ll lose my chance forever, at joining your program that guarantees I’ll make thousands of dollars in a very short amount of time, with very little effort needed on my part.

I guess I’ll just have to take my chances that I’ve missed out on yet another great opportunity that will drastically change my life forever. I’ll just have to say NO to it, right now, though it fills me with much regret.

But I have to tell you. It was much harder for me to have to say no to Cole and his insistent plaintive cries that night. It was much harder for me to have to say no to the desperate meows I was hearing from that other cold Kitty, who somehow found itself outside on that cold and snowy night.

I had much more regret having to say no to both of those cats, then I have had, in having to say no to some of the programs being promoted to me by other affiliate marketers.

My sweet cat Cole, with his beautiful green eyes, and his good, loving and generous heart, who now has my vote, as the Coolest King Cat of our particular Cat Block, taught me that cold and snowy night, that sometimes you just have to say no, whether you want to or not!

And sometimes having to say NO, even when you may not want to, is not an easy thing to do.

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