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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

You Can Lead, But I Might Not Follow

Ok, I admit it! I’m new at all of this Internet Marketing thing. I’m still in the early stages of the learning curve phase. The web site that I joined, which is giving me the information how to do all of this, suggested that I place my promotional ads in free classified ad sites. Some of the sites even tracked my results.
Then I started getting a few inquiries. Someone is actually now asking about one of the ads that I’ve placed. How Exciting! The subject line of the email they sent me said something like “I saw your ad“,or “Question about your product?” I thought wow, now if only I can convince this person to buy it. I might actually make my first sale!
Then what do I discover when I open the email? It’s another affiliate marketer wanting me to look at his or her product, and they aren’t at all interested in mine.
It’s not nice to get a newbie’s hopes up like that, especially when the bill collectors are rapidly gaining on me! It’s not nice to get me all excited with those misleading subject lines.
You know darn well, I'm going to open that email when it looks like someone is interested in a product I'm promoting. What’s even worse is using your response to me, to promote your own stuff!
You know who you are! You’re probably the same people who keep leading on your significant other and never make a commitment!
Well congratulations! You’re now made it to the list of things that
Bug Me!

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