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Friday, December 28, 2007

Website Designs


Have you ever noticed that some of the web sites wanting you to join their program or buy their product tend to look pretty much the same? Many of them seem to have a graph with blue and green bars. These are supposed to reassure me, of how much money they’ve made from this product, before I part with any of mine.

It's not
to hard to create those graphs. I’ve done it myself in a spreadsheet, when I was using different colors for a striped sweater I was knitting. I was easily able to put in blue and green color bar graphs of varying lengths, and transfer them to my word processing program, where they all lined up nicely in one column. From there I threw in a weeks worth of dates and then, I threw in a few random dollar amounts. Then my blue and green bar graphs looked pretty similar to those I've seen on so many websites.

With the random dollar amounts I just tossed in there, and inputting dates from Dec. 1, 2007 to Dec. 7, 2007, apparently I made a total of $3,722.53 for that one week alone. I can only wish! Or at least in my dreams I must have made that much. Multiply that weekly amount, by 52 weeks in a year, and I guess I had a very good year financially this last year, and didn't even know it. I guess if I actually made that kind of money, I'd probably have a top notch accountant on board, and he or she would be keeping track of all my wonderful earnings.

That means I made over $193,000 for the year! You believe me don’t you? So what are you waiting for? Why aren’t you signing up for this product immediately?

Maybe I’m as skeptical as most, and more cynical then some. But putting up this kind of information to potential buyers or customers, doesn’t convince me that the owner of this web site, actually made that kind of money. Not when I was easily able to create a similar graph, using my system of randomly selecting some dollar amounts in a spreadsheet.

I have nothing against blue and green bar graphs. I think they’re great colors separately or together. Maybe they just happen to be the favorite colors of the daughter of the CEO of these web sites, and maybe that’s why those blue and green bar graphs appear so frequently, so many times, in so many different web sites.

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