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Monday, December 31, 2007

Why I'm Not A Blogger

I wrote this in May of 2007. Now that I’ve ventured into this blogging journey, my opinion of blogging has obviously been revised. So the following article is either the thing that started it all for me, or the thing I’ll have to blame it on, now that I’ve become just another crazed and obsessed blogger!

It might come as a shock to many people, but I don't write to a blog. At least not yet I don't. I can hear you now, laughing and pointing and telling me to finally get with the 21st century.

What if I run out of things I think are important enough to blog about? What if no one ever reads what I blog about? My blog could just sit idle and lonely in internet space somewhere, just sadly waiting for somebody, anybody to pay it a visit once in awhile.

Or worse, what if no one can locate my blog, or they get lost while they're searching for it? I'm sure I gave them good directions how to get here but there's a lot of distractions on the internet highway these days. It’ll probably be dark outside, before they even reach my blog. Then they'll be too exhausted to want to visit it. But now I'll still have to feed them, and put them up for a night or two, as any good hostess would do.

I’ve heard it's better if you get a lot of traffic coming to your blog in order for it to be successful. Do I have anything to say about what location my blog will get placed in? What if it’s located on some far off rural road somewhere, where no one might ever find it? Am I supposed to stand out in the middle of nowhere, trying to flag down the small amount of Blog traffic that might pass by, just to get somebody to stop, pull over and read my blog?

Other people keep saying you're supposed to write to a specific niche. But my mind doesn't quite work that way. I might want to write about many different things. Knitting, cats, peanut butter and jelly, songs or TV shows I like, just to name a few. Would that mean I'd have to create a separate blog for each of the various and mundane topics that find their way into my too cluttered mind?

Now that I’ve actually created my very first blog, that would be a large and time consuming task. I spent a lot of time, picking out my template design, and my color scheme for the one blog I currently own now! I’m still playing with it, moving things around, putting things in, taking them out.

If I were to do that for every different category I might want to blog about it’ll never get done. So since my blog is about Jan’s promo place, it seems to me there’s all kinds of things that can be promoted, which makes it a rather large, and very spacious type of niche. That leaves me lots of room to blog about all kinds of things I might want to promote, as well as some things I don’t understand at all, or even the need to occasionally rant and rave about something. It all comes under that “niche” topic of promoting, well more or less.

I've read people can make money by blogging. I'm sure not opposed to that. But if I got a lot of traffic to my blog, then all the fine folks in the nice quiet rural community where my previously undiscovered blog might reside, might get mad at me. It used to be a nice, quiet and peaceful place, before my blog became famous. Now it's just filled with traffic, pollution, and blog tourists cluttering up the place.

Then I've read you have to get your blog noticed in the search engines. What happens if the search engine develops a nasty oil leak? It could be days, maybe even weeks before a qualified search mechanic can get around to fixing those problems for me. Is it my fault that somebody else was fooling around in there, while they were searching for my unknown blog? Am I going to have to pick up the tab for that search engine repair? Well how am I supposed to make any profits from blogging, if I have to now pay the search mechanic to fix the search engine that my blog depends on?

I’m sure the hourly rate for search mechanics must be astronomical, since it’s a pretty specialized field. Not to mention basic maintenance costs, like periodically needing a search engine tune up. There's probably a lot more search engines than there are competent search mechanics around to fix them. That means delays in my being able to continue blogging, until that search mechanic finally gets around to me, and fixes whatever the problem is with my search engine.

But I have to admit it a Blog intrigues me a great deal. I might just have to go in search of a blog that suits my rambled thoughts and flexible fingers. It's located at the intersection of Route 99 and Highway 21, in the town of Anywhere, Internet Country. When you're passing through, be sure to stop by. We'll put our feet up, order pizza, drink lemonade, play some music, talk and joke and just enjoy the day.

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