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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Wearing a Cloak of Protection


I started looking at my own affiliate links, and it soon became obvious to me, that other people could easily tell I was just another affiliate marketer. The suffixes of the links contain the names of the companies, where I research products, web sites or services that I’m trying to promote.

Those links are practically shouting out, well here’s yet another affiliate marketer, and a newbie at that, who is trying to sell you something! So why would potential customers buy anything from a newbie like myself?

That’s what occurred to me anyway. What didn’t occur to me was that:

“Many dishonest people will do anything they can to prevent affiliate marketers from getting their commission for their hard work. When people see a link that they recognize as an affiliate link they might cut your username off and buy directly from the website or even worse, they might replace your username with theirs and take your commission. Also, some people might be uncomfortable clicking on a link they recognize as an affiliate link….”

Well there go my hard-earned commissions that I haven’t even earned yet!

Your affiliate links are visible for everyone in the Internet World to see. For all of you do it yourselfers, Hannes Johnson, at http://www.selfseo.com/story-13929.php even provides the instructions and the codes if you want to cloak your links yourself. He also provides a list of sites that will cloak and protect your affiliate links for you. Many of those sites are free to join.

I’ve tried a few different sites. With some sites, I wasn’t sure if I should add my cloaked links to a traffic exchange when I didn’t yet have my own web site. Was I just wasting my ad credits by posting them in traffic exchanges?

I can’t yet afford to buy more ad credits as I’m trying to do this on a shoestring budget. Well let’s get real! There is no budget! I haven’t yet made enough money to even buy a new pair of shoestrings that my old, tired, worn out shoes could badly use.

One of the sites that I really like, not only cloaks your links, it tracks your ad campaign and helps increase your traffic. The ads fly in over the main page that you’re viewing. They can’t be blocked from being viewed by your potential customers.

In fact, when I first saw the fly in ads, I ended up clicking on one of the ads, or the web site link itself, more out of annoyance, then anything else. Those fly in ads just wouldn’t go away, no matter how many times I clicked my mouse, or tried to scroll through the page.

Then as I looked at the site and read more about it, I found myself getting excited about it. From an affiliate marketer’s perspective, it automatically increases the visibility of your ads. Your ads rotate in with everyone else’s. In a classified ad site, your ads are static, they just sit there, waiting for someone to come around and look at them, which might or might not happen.

At this site, you get ad credits every time your ad is viewed and you accumulate more ad credits from your referrals. They have email support, which I’ve found to be very responsive to any questions that I had. They didn’t even have any problem with their egos, when I made a few suggestions to them. Sometimes as a user of a site, you can see things that don’t work quite right, or that could be improved on, that the computer programmers and web site designers aren’t always aware of.

It’s easy to set up my links and ads, which as a non-technical computer user, is something I really appreciate. I love seeing how many times my ads have appeared, and watching that number increase every time I visit.

Take a look at this site for yourself. It’s a great way to cloak your links and gives you and your website business, the protection you need to have. Then you don’t have to worry about losing your hard earned commissions, and you can start earning the income you deserve to have!

Click here to get Viral Link Tracker

Source: From an article titled:
“How Cloaking Your Links Can Save You Both Time and Money”
Posted by Hannes Johnson on: 2006-05-03 20:36:30

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