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Friday, December 28, 2007

Maybe It's Just Me


There must be another trade secret I don’t know anything about. All those testimonials, many of which often appear on a kind of yellowish, gold background. Maybe black type reads better on that color? I admit this particular shade isn’t my favorite color, but then I get skeptical if those testimonials are for real.

It wouldn’t be too hard to convince your family, your friends, and some of their friends, to put up a picture of themselves on your website. Add a few nice testimonial words, about your product or service, especially if you’re paying for the pizza and the beers later on.

There’s so many wonderful colors to choose from. Why did this particular shade of yellow become the most popular choice for all those testimonials? I’ve seen a few sites that had a light blue background, and another with a burgundy background, with white type on it, that really looked nice and caught my eye. That yellow background for those testimonials is getting boring for me to have to keep looking at.

I’m starting to think those web sites are all owned by the same person or company. They just changed the name, rearranged some of their text, and put in some different dollar figures in those popular green and blue graph bars. Or else there was an incredible sale going on at the time for these particular web sites.

I can hear the bargaining going on now. As long as you meet certain conditions, you can buy this website and own it forever and a day, at half price of what we’d normally charge you. Those few conditions you can easily meet, include, that the typed hyped text would be pretty similar from one web site to the next. You must use blue and green graph bars, to show people how much money you’ve made. Sell your product, service, offer for $47.00 only. Do not charge anything more or anything less then $47.00. All testimonials must be presented on a yellowish gold background.

Or else they’re all the members of the same secret exclusive club, that you can only join if your pay your $47.00 to them.

Maybe I just don’t easily part with my money. But I also keep hearing a few quotes echoing in my head, such as “Buyer Beware!” or “There’s a sucker born every minute!”

So if the blue and green bar graphs, that consistent $47.00 price so many of these sites are charging, and that same old yellowish gold background for their testimonials, haven’t convinced me to buy their products, I wonder how many other people aren’t convinced?

Variety is supposed to be the spice of life isn’t it? Maybe those website owners need to change things from time to time, to give me, as just one of their viewers something different to look at every now and then. Try a pink, and purple polka dotted background, or a price of $37.92, just to shake things up once in awhile.

If you do that, it will give me a few new topics to write about. Like how in the world did someone come up with a price of $37.92, and why not price that product at say, some even round number, like $47.00? Or your pink and purple polka dotted background is making my eyes cross, and giving me a headache. But it’s still an improvement over that same old tired yellowish gold background I kept seeing for all those testimonials.

But maybe, it’s just me, who finds myself questioning things like this!

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