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Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm a Bit Skeptical


My skepticism rears it’s questioning head at times. I’m skeptical that the checks I’ve seen on some websites, that people claim they’ve earned are for real. I also find myself, quickly deleting the email ads I often receive that state I’ll earn several thousand dollars in just a week. It just has a feeling of unreality to me, or not being believable to me, before I even look at the web site.

I’m not saying that’s not possible, that perhaps a small minority of people have made that kind of money, on the web, but for me it just seems too far beyond my reach to even consider looking at that web site to learn how I too, can make that kind of money, with almost no effort at all. Thank goodness for the power of that delete key on my keyboard.

With all the new technology available, I don’t think it would be too hard to scan a real check into the computer, and change the amounts to be anything I want them to be. Now you get to see that check made out to me for over $3,700.00 for just one week! And I didn’t have to do very much work to earn that kind of money, at least according to some of these web sites.

Then I multiply that $3,700.00 by 52 weeks in a year, Create a few more spreadsheets, and a few more graphs, showing you how I easily made over $193,000.00 for the year. Impressive isn’t it?

People can put up a picture of someone, cut out that person’s head and replace it with the head of a donkey if they want to. I’m sure there’s many people who are quite capable of creating these wonderful pictures on the web, that have incorporated cut, paste, crop and rearrange, for my viewing pleasure.

And what’s with that $47.00 price? I seem to see that specific price on a lot of websites I’ve looked at. Why are so many people selling what’s supposed to be many different products at $47.00 each? But no one is competing to get customers, to sell their similar product, for $45.00 or $49.99? That seems a little odd to me.

Even gas stations try to get customers into their station, by changing the price that’s listed on their signs. One gas station’s sign indicates the price is $3.03 for a gallon of regular gas, while across the street it’s $3.01 a gallon, and the one a block down is selling their gasoline for $3.05 a gallon.

Maybe the owners of these $47.00 websites don’t feel they have to compete against anyone else selling a similar item. I’m starting to think there’s some sort of secret code regarding that $47.00 fee, that maybe I’m still too new to know about. I wish someone would clue me in as to why $47.00 is such a popular price for so many of these websites.

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